GC Refrigeration is deeply committed with the environment care and we are aware of the need to develop efficient and ecological products.

The EU regulation n° 517/2014 (F-Gas) draws attention to the reduction of high global potential warming fluids (GWP).

Following this regulation, it is established a gradual decrease of fluids in the market from 2015 until 2030. Indeed, quantities of HFC will be reduced up to 21 % for 2030. In a near future, it will be necessary to be ready to use flammable or toxic fluids with low GWP.

In GC we are highly committed to design new range of natural coolants and with a GWP lower that the actual HFC. These new coolants are the CO2 (R744) and the H3 (R717).

The main reasons that lead us to design our products working with CO2 are:

• A natural fluid with a minimum impact for the global warming planet (GWP = 1).

• Not a flammable fluid.

• No toxic.

The ranges MEHP and SCHP are designed to work with an 80 bar-fluid pressure.

As for ammonia (R717), its GWP is 0. Although it is a flammable and toxic fluid, its efficiency is very good. Therefore we have decided to work with it. Taking into account the difficulty to design this equipment working with R717, we have designed the ranges CUBE and DUAL.

We design and produce according to the regulation ROHS. We take care to use 100% recycled material and components as well as to produce few disposable wastes.

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