GARCÍA CÁMARA, we have more
than 80 years of experience.

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GARCÍA CÁMARA is a Spanish firm dedicated to manufacturing tube and fin heat exchangers for the refrigeration industry.
It is a company with a big experience in the foreign market, exporting 65% of our production to several countries.
We have several standard products that you can see on the web site or downloading the catalogue. We have also a free Software selection which helps to find the model that best suits your needs.

Our ranges are divided in two main groups:

· Line OEM, for manufacturers of refrigerating machines.

· Line Industrial: , for refrigeration, air-conditioning and refrigeration installations in general.

We also use our knowledge and experience to manufacture special products on request, according to the needs of our customers or specific markets.

Our catalogue


Destinados a fabricantes de maquinas frigoríficas.


Instalaciones frigoríficas, aire acondicionado y de refrigeración en general.

GarcíaCámara Selection Software

Our selector will allow you to find the evaporator or condenser that best suits your needs.


Industrial cold rooms

The industrial cooling solutions has been highly developed for the last decades. Thanks to this, industries in several sectors have been able to offer a superior service and have improved…

Ammonia cooling system

Last years, the ammonia cooling system has become more popular among the industrial environment. GC has been involved in developing systems based on ammonia, an extremely efficient refrigerant. The interest…

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