Air conditioning of industrial buildings is indispensable for large areas that will not have problems due to the heat that is stored in these places.


The solutions are not easy because of the difficulty involved in installing the whole building and the economic investment required.

Various types of refrigeration for industrial buildings:

Evaporative coolers: They are installed on the surfaces of industrial buildings and their function is to introduce filtered air from outside the building and extract the hot air to the outside creating a constant renewal of the air, and in an environmentally friendly way.

Ways to install it:

Either option will alleviate heat build-up in heat- affected areas.

Misting system. pipes with nozzles designed to expel a mist of water that cools the area when it reaches high temperatures, reducing temperatures and relieving heat for both people and machines. The benefits are:


That means installing air cooling devices inside the building, distributed in a strategic way to have a total reach and to be able to obtain a good air conditioning of industrial buildings. It is probably the least used, as air conditioning units are expensive, and they change the aesthetics of the building. Indeed, they are large and are usually placed in sight and they are also high energy consumers.


Occupational risk prevention legislation indicates the limits of the environmental conditions that companies must comply with for their workers. These are easy to comply with when we are talking about offices or small premises, since installing a couple of air conditioning units is usually the solution. But when we talk about air condition industrial premises, things get complicated, as a large investment and a great deal of work is required to adapt and regulate it in accordance with the law. Warehouses in which there is working throughout the day long spreading high heat index, it is then necessary to have a budget to reduce the thermal stress that can occur.

In García Cámara we have all the necessary spare parts to repair or complement these machines so commonly installed for the air conditioning of industrial buildings. Consult our experts if you have any doubts or problems with your installed air conditioning, and we will find the best solution for you and your company.