Everyone enjoys air conditioning during high summer’s temperatures. But during the cold autumn nobody remembers to have an air conditioning system for the warmer months.

In Winter, some companies with special conditions may use the air conditioning. We have to remember throughout the year to keep it in good condition in order not to face any technical problem during the summer months.

García Cámara always encourage our customers and acquaintances to take care of air conditioning in their homes, offices and industrial spaces. Choosing the best on the market in terms of durability, confidence, efficiency will give long term benefits and will be an interesting financial decision.


The air conditioning industry Valencia is constantly developing. While many of the principles are basic, the majority of responsible and growing companies are investing heavily in innovation, bringing new methods to design and manufacturing processes.

Thanks to this innovation, superior quality equipments are create each year in the refrigeration industry and this means greater efficiency. In the field of industry, the efficiency has a key role top lay in long- term costs. This has a huge impact.

When the innovation does not exist, efficiency is virtually impossible and this is true for air conditioning Valencia. The same happens with equipment specifications and the ability of the equipment to offer a positive experience for end-users.


García Cámara has an international market and offers highest quality products in refrigeration. After 70 years of operating, our organisation has become a benchmark in capacitor manufacturing, evaporators and heat exchanges.

Nevertheless, In Valencia where we are located, people has always appreciated to enjoy of a good air conditioning at their places. Enjoying of a very good climate in Valencia, people is still investing in air conditioning systems to get the best comfort when high temperatures come.


A company based on the principles of innovation and reability.

One of our priorities is to offer effective solutions. This means a constant investment in innovation and technology all based on a process of feedback and genuine interest stand out in an abundant market in well- established companies.


It is essential to have a reliable and efficient Valencia air conditioning at home to survive the coming summer. As for the industrial field having an optimal air conditioning system is not even an option: it is a duty of the organisation to ensure the good performance of most processes.

To achieve innovation in all our developments, we recommend our customers to do the same in order to have responsible and optimal function equipment.