To choose an industrial cold room, it is necessary to have professionals who are experts in the sector.

García Cámara has 70 years of experience in the industrial sector.

What is an industrial cold room

These are huge refrigerators that are used to store all kinds of foodstuffs in order to maintain their condition and extend their shelf life. In addition, industrial cold rooms are used in other sectors, such as the medical sector, to keep medicines at the right temperature, and even in laboratories.

Any restaurant or catering business needs a place to store in a cool place all the product in order to preserve them properly until it is time to use it, without losing any of its basic characteristics.

Characteristics and operation of the industrial cold store

The most important is that the chamber must reach and maintain the set temperature so that all products are preserved efficiently. Thanks to the refrigerant it contains, it removes the heat from the products and freezes them. It also extracts the heat from inside the chamber until the ideal temperature is reached.

The necessary parts for the correct operation of industrial cold rooms are:

Types of refrigeration rooms

Depending on the correct cold store must be selected, four subtypes:

If you have an industrial refrigeration chamber and you need an internal replacement part, contact García Cámara. We will observe what the problem is with your cold room and we will find a solution, choosing the most appropriate parts for its repair.

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