Last years, the ammonia cooling system has become more popular among the industrial environment. GC has been involved in developing systems based on ammonia, an extremely efficient refrigerant. The interest of innovation leads to import developments in air conditioning market.

Maximum energy efficiency

Why would you choose the ammonia cooling system? The main reason is the performance!

Thermodynamic performance of ammonia is up to 10% superior to the other refrigerants. Equipments using ammonia need less quantity of refrigerants to perform. This means that its cheaper than other options.

Designs for limited loads and valves

Ammonia chillers have designs that contains a limited refrigerant charge. This is to minimise the risks in case of leak as ammonia is toxic.

In case of any failure or leak in the equipment, the well-being of the workers must be ensured. On top of a limited charge, security valves prevent from any possible explosion into the system to ensure an exceptional security.

In some cases, ammonia detectors can also be placed to detect any leak in the air. Nevertheless, this material is well known for its strong smell that can quickly be detected.

Perfect option for environment care

Although ammonia is toxic, it does not represent a danger for the environment compared to other refrigerant used by the industry.

EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA encourages the use of ammonia as an ideal substitute to other refrigerants. The ozone layer is suffering significant damage due to refrigerant as R22. Therefore, using ammonia would be entail major advantages.

An industrial purpose

Right now, ammonia cooling systems are almost exclusively used in industrial environment. However, domestic or even smaller-scale commercial applications are not yet fully compatible with ammonia-based equipment.

But we are sure that due to its good properties ammonia will be surely used in other areas.