Since the emergence of commercial refrigeration and implementation methods more convenient and available to these technologies, multiple fields of economy have experienced a big growth.

The food sectors, pharmaceuticals and chemist are examples about the success of the industrial environment. But the refrigeration has been a key.

We have to think in products that we need to be refrigerate to keep them in good condition in order to consume them safety.

The food and medicines have to be at a suitable temperature. But how is this sector evolving, what is the role of Valencian industry in all this, and what is the future of commercial refrigeration?

What is the commercial refrigeration?

The refrigeration consists of reducing the temperatures of the spaces and objects present in a specific place or system by using the appropriate air conditioning mechanisms.

This particular classification within the practice involves the use and implementation of those refrigeration technologies that give the greatest benefit and performance in commercial environments. For example, the retail sale or storage of such perishable products at the end of the distribution chain.

Refrigeration equipment we use at home, one part of industry calls them comercial refrigeration and others, domestic refrigeration for no doubts.

The importance of our economy

Commercial refrigeration sector is large enough, producing and innovating equipment for businesses that store and sell perishable goods.

But we have to consider which factors that are present in everyone´s life depend of proper commercial refrigeration. All those perishable products that we consume today would be out of our diet or very difficult to consume.

García Cámara and the innovation

When we speak about refrigeration Valencia, we speak about García Cámara. For decades, we have managed to stand out for all the resources we have invested in innovation. So, we have to strive to be the benchmark.

Our heat exchanges and other products that end up inside operational refrigeration machines represent the best of the industry, the product of innovation, ingenuity and a genuine interest in creating high quality parts.

The future of refrigeration, as we can see from the latest innovations in the industry, holds great promise. The growing need to develop more energy-efficient solutions is a goal that is getting closer to reality every day. Clean energy and reduced operating costs are two factors driving this drive for innovation.