Nowadays, there are several types of air coolers that you can install at your place: centralised, mini-split or portable, for example if you are renting, it is a good option.

How a central air cooler works

Central air coolers use a compressor (located outside) and a transformer (located inside) to collect air from the street, cool it and distribute it throughout the ducts of your home. For example, for big houses or places where the appliance disturbs the rooms.

How does a mini-split air cooler work?

The operation of mini-split air coolers is the same as centralised air coolers but they don´t need conducts. The device itself collects the outside air and transforms it, so more than one air cooler will be needed to adapt an average sized house.

How does a portable air cooler work?

It should be small and easy to transport, for this reason, the two parts that make up the conditioning systems mentioned above must be in the same device. This device collects the air from the room in which it is located, cools it and blows it back into the room at the specified temperature.

Advantages to get a portable air cooler

When we buy an air cooler, we don’t know whether to buy a portable one or to install it in the house.

Advantages you will have if you buy a portable air cooler:

Tips for use

Tips for the proper use of these devices:

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