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What is a heat exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a radiator prepared to produce heat from various fluids. It is an essential element in any heating system, air conditioning and/or refrigeration systems. They are also incorporated in vehicle radiators.

Use of heat exchangers

The most common:

Types of heat exchangers

Air-cooled heat exchanger. It is often used for vehicle engines and in other places where there is no permanent source of cold wate. Cool air is provided by a fan or by movement

Plate heat exchanger. they work in the same way as tube heat exchangers but use stacked plates instead of tubes. They are usually compact and made of stainless steel and are ideal for use in refrigeration units. This exchanger is very easy to clean.

Shell and tube heat exchanger. the exchangers consist of a large number of small tubes in a cylindrical casing. These small tubes are responsible for generating heat through expansion and contraction, depending on the heat conditions at the time, by means of a shaft that connects them. It is easy to clean.

Heat exchanger maintenance. Because of the shape of the heat exchangers and the materials used, maintenance is easy. Nevertheless, it is important to know what to touch.

When you choose a heat exchanger, it is advisable that the design data is accurate and reliable. When you send the data, you make sure that it suits you and that is technically and thermally ideal for the cause. Out team of engineers review all the data submitted by the customer in detail and make sure they choose the best option.

Before choosing one exchanger or the another, it is advisable to know the product or ask one of our experts, because they have a lot of experience to know which heat exchanger to use in each case.

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