At GARCIA CAMARA, we are pleased to present our new LEVANTE ADIABATIC GASCOOLER, specially designed for CO2 installations in the Retail sector!

When temperatures are suitable, the LEVANTE operates as a conventional heat exchanger. The airflow passes through open dampers and goes directly to the condenser coils, thus avoiding excessive pressure loss and any unnecessary consumption.

When the outside temperature rises, the PLC activates adiabatic operation… and the magic begins! A water tank fills to an appropriate level, the water pump starts in a closed circuit, and the adiabatic panels are fed. The dampers close, and the fan speeds are reduced to the optimal level… all to allow maximum exchange efficiency.

Check out our catalog for more details: LEVANTE GASCOOLER catalogue or contact our sales department  for more detailed information.

LEVANTE GASCOOLER, a pioneering refrigeration solution that offers a sustainable alternative with high performance, while reducing environmental impact.




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